Via Polentical – it’s pretty much what actually happened, only without the sinking feeling of dread creeping under your skin over a matter of months. Enjoy!


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  1. Really looking forward to watching this, but taking it with a grain of salt. I love this behind the scenes stuff, but I am actually a bit sympathetic to Palin. She was put in an impossible position. When one is anointed the “savior,” and ill-prepared, it can only be disastrous. She’s actually done well for herself in the aftermath. She has a successful book and speaking tour gig now. She wasn’t a completely empty suit like Dan Quayle. And yes I can say this without trepidation or fear, knowing she’ll never be elected to anything outside of Alaska.

    • Jeez, hope I didn’t spoil the ending for ya. 🙂

      I am sympathetic to her too, to be honest, but the idea that she was ever considered worthy of a place on the ticket blows my mind to this day. I have never seen such a collective brain fart in the history of politics as the one McCain and his campaign folks had with Palin. It was a desperate, “Hail Mary” move, but one that was done without regard for the effect it would have on the well-being of America. “Country First”, indeed.

      • VP choices are always picked for one qualification.. helping to get votes. FDR picked Harry Truman, a noob senator with scant experience, because he was popular at the time for holding hearings that grilled military plane manufacturers’ feet to the fire for shoddy work that endangered US pilots. Walter Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro in an attempt to get women voters. Bush Sr. picked Dan Quayle to secure Indiana and Arizona. JFK picked LBJ to get Texans and Southerners. Honestly, no presidential candidate is thinking far enough ahead to their possible demise. It’s all about the votes.

      • Absolutely true, but that being said, even attempting to use her in that capacity was a big error in judgement. They did a disastrous job of vetting her. Whatever hope they had for her to bring in votes must’ve gone right out the window as soon as it became apparent that an interview with Katie Couric was too much of an intellectual challenge for her. Their failure to see how she’d actually perform before she was thrust into the campaign’s spotlight is one of the all-time epic fails.

        With all those other veep candidates you named, the political world was different, and verbal stumbles or dubious information about past experience didn’t rise to the surface so quickly or ubiquitously as they do today. When Palin messed up, it went viral. That makes a big difference. She was not ready for prime time at a point in American politics where that really matters.

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