Today’s WTF: Guns & Roses. Literally.

So I just got back home from a little shopping excursion. One of my stops was Barnes & Noble bookstore. And on a special display in the magazine section called “Local Interest”, here’s what I found:


Yup, “Garden & Gun”. And please make note of the little subtitle: “Soul of the South”. I’ll be damned if I know how someone managed to decide that the world needed a periodical that combines rhododendrons and rifles, but they were obviously on the money. God bless America, y’all!


5 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Guns & Roses. Literally.

  1. I’ll have to check the local WalMart magazine rack.

    That magazine is a periodical where an octogenarian like myself — retired here in redneck central — should find useful information.

    Possibly one of the advertizers has a single-malt Scotch on special..

  2. We were on vacation recently and our son gave us this magazine while visiting. We were in Charleston on our way back from the visit and went to the restaurant/bar that is featured on the cover of this magazine. You never know what useful information you find in unexpected places.

    • That’s true…in fact, from what they tell me, most men buy Playboy for the articles. 🙂 And I did note that the cover of Garden & Gun boasted articles about Lyle Lovett and Morgan Freeman, both of whom I like and would probably want to read about. Of course, it also listed a feature called “Inside the Mind of a Turkey Hunting Genius”, so there ya go. 😉

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