Today’s WTF: George Zimmerman’s invisible injuries

Well folks, the truth had to come out sooner or later, and it finally has, on a video taken the night of Trayvon Martin’s death.

Various news outlets are posting the video, which comes from the Sanford Police Department and shows George Zimmerman entering the police station. Zimmerman was there to be questioned following the shooting incident that left Trayvon Martin dead from a single bullet. The shooting, according to Zimmerman, happened after a struggle in which Trayvon punched Zimmerman in the nose, got him on the ground and started pounding the back of his head against the sidewalk. These details were part of the police report as well. Up until now, that police account, based on Zimmerman’s own story, has been cited as proof that Zimmerman had just cause to use force against his victim, and that the shooting was in self defense.

Now, we have a video, showing Zimmerman not long after this alleged “life or death” struggle.

No bloody nose. No bleeding gash on the back of his head. No obvious signs of injury, pain or trauma.

Not a single, goddamned thing.

I am not a cop. I am not a doctor. I have no professional credentials which qualify me to offer an expert analysis of what this video shows. But I have eyes, and they work. I have a brain, and it’s just fine. I have a heart, and it’s pounding. I have blood running through my veins, and it’s boiling. And I have this blog, which may not amount to much in the whole scheme of things. But I will use it to say this, simply because I need to say it.

The story that George Zimmerman, his friends, family and supporters have been telling everyone in the media about how this shooting was self-defense stinks to high heaven. The police report that is based on nothing more than George Zimmerman’s own account of things is useless.  The Sanford Police Department is useless.

If this man isn’t charged with something, and I mean like tomorrow, people all over this country are gonna go off like a powder keg, because it is pretty fucking clear from what anyone can see on this video that George Zimmerman was in no way beaten within an inch of his life, as he claims. This is wrong, wrong, wrong, and it needs to be made right.

We’re gonna be fair. We’re gonna do this the American way. Nobody’s convicting him unjustly. Zimmerman will get a trial and the chance to defend himself before a jury of his peers. He can present whatever evidence he may have that substantiates his claims.

But for that to happen, there’s gotta be an arrest. And after this video starts making the rounds, nobody will doubt that an arrest is appropriate at this point.

Trayvon Martin’s been dead for over a month. More and more information is coming out to indicate that he died for no reason whatsoever. This shit needs to stop. It’s time. Time for the authorities to take responsibility for arresting Trayvon Martin’s killer, and time for George Zimmerman to be taken from whatever Saddam Hussein spider hole he’s hiding in and be held accountable for his actions.

Time to prove that the law isn’t blind, or even just color blind.

Time for closure and peace of mind for Trayvon’s family and friends.

Time for honesty.

Time for truth.

Time for justice.


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