Today’s FYI: Awards and excuses

Well, that title’s a little misleading. It should be “award” (singular), not “awards” (plural). But why quibble over terms? Point is, I’ve been given an award!

Adrianna F., whose blog I follow and enjoy (In Search of the Silver Lining…), kindly passed an “ABC Award”, for awesome blog content, over to me yesterday. I appreciate that very much, and I humbly accept it even though it doesn’t come with a cash prize, or a trophy, or even a year’s supply of Rice-A-Roni. I do try to be awesome, and I’m glad someone noticed. 🙂

But seriously folks, this award has a little tradition attached to it. As we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t actually know what great power I now have as an ABC Award recipient, but still, there is some responsibility involved. I am now responsible for carrying on 2 traditions that go along with this award –  I must make a list of things about myself, using the 26 letters of the alphabet, and I must choose 10 other bloggers who are deserving of the award, and then bestow it on them.

First thing’s first – my alphabetical list of things that describe me:

Animation fan

Big mouth


Dog Lover


Fired up for November

Got a great family


I can speak fluent French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Klingon




Music addict

Not a morning person

Optimistic cynic





Trying to do my best

Underperforming nonetheless

Very proud of my daughter

Women’s rights advocate

Xenodochial (look it up, like I did)

Young at heart

Zero tolerance for idiots


So there ya go. Now, as for the second part of this tradition, I am running a little bit afoul of the guidelines, which brings us to the “excuses” portion of this post. I have selected 7 bloggers to send the award to. I definitely know more than 10 bloggers who, in my opinion, have awesome, award-worthy content. However, based on the fact that this award is semi-social in nature (what with the alphabet thingy and all), I kinda figured that many of the blogs I follow (mainly the politically-focused blogs) might find the concept a little too light-weight for them. I also realized that several of the blogs I follow already have a lot of other followers, and some have already been given awards by fellow bloggers, including this award. So, I have decided to limit my choices to bloggers who have a mix of stuff on their blogs. They may address politics or other serious subjects, but they also have some personal posts mixed in as well. And, I tried to pick folks who may be newer, or might not have a pile of followers and/or awards just yet, so I can give them a shout-out and maybe get a few people to check out what they do.  Hope that seems fair to y’all! I will also leave the three remaining spots open, and if anyone would actually enjoy carrying this tradition on, I will be happy to name them as an award winner. Just drop me a line and let me know, and I will be setting up a PayPal account later for any bribes you may want to send my way. 🙂

And now, in alphabetical order (of course!), my ABC Award winners:

A View From The Middle (Class)


Black Write & Read


From Where I Sit



Let’s hear it for our winners! *applause*

Again, there are many other award-worthy blogs I follow – basically, if you’re on my Blogroll, then I enjoy what you do and appreciate your perspectives and your posts, so I hope nobody’s offended if I didn’t name them on my award list. Now, I will notify these 7 folks, and I hope everyone who stops by my page will stop by theirs sometime too.

Last but not least, I may or may not have time to put up a proper post later on, but if I don’t, I hope y’all enjoy your weekend, and any holiday-related celebration you may be having with family and friends (Passover/Easter/Yay For Cadbury Creme Eggs Day, or what have you).  🙂


14 thoughts on “Today’s FYI: Awards and excuses

  1. Thank you so much! I loved this so much, I had to share it on Facebook just now! By the way, look me up there at John G. Miller and put in a friend request! Love to have you on my list there!

    Oh, by the way, I have you on my blogroll now too, since earlier this week when I finally figured out how to do it. I hope it drives some more traffic your way, though I’m sure you’re getting plenty with the quality of your own blog.

    • You’re welcome, I always find something good to read/listen to/look at when I stop by your blog, so you earned it! 🙂

      I don’t do much Facebooking at the moment. I barely have time for the blog most days, but if/when I get with the program I’ll be sure to look you up! Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I am honored and glad someone out there is reading my humble little newborn blog! My traffic is up, which must be due to your mention.

    As a mom of 3 who taxis kids around to various extracurricular activities, writes freelance articles and works a “real” job, I don’t follow many other blogs yet. I will take the weekend to discover more so that I may “pay it forward.” I have already visited some of the blogs you mentioned above & followed a few of them. What a great way to discover other writers with similar interests. I’m inspired to devote more time to improving my blog. Thanks again!

    • As a mom of three…HOW DO YOU EVEN HAVE A DAMN BLOG??? 🙂 Seriously, I have one kid and I find I have to really squeeze the blogging in whenever I have a chance. With 3, man, I don’t know if I could manage it! But good for you, you’re welcome, and keep posting so I can keep reading. 🙂

  3. Chris, I sincerely appreciate the honor of being placed in the company of your other Award Winners. Your selection criteria reminds me of a story about three baseball umpires. One said, “I call ’em the way I see ’em.” The second said, “I call ’em the way I think they ought to be called.” The third ump said, “I call ’em the way they are.” I’ll just continue to strive to follow the advice of the third ump.

    • 🙂 Love it – that third ump had the right idea. All any of us can do is try to emulate that philosophy! And I’m happy to include you in the award list, as I enjoy your posts and your perspective.The fact that you’re a fellow Floridian has nothing to do with it, I swear. 😉

  4. Hey – thanks for the recognition…I’m still trying to figure out the World of Blog & how to hook up with other bloggers. I’ve felt like I can really RELATE to the WTF and enjoy that. I will just keep trying to evolve with this thing! ❤ and Peace, Boots

    • You’re welcome, and I feel the same way. I can relate to your posts a lot, and I enjoy reading them, so evolve away, and I’ll follow along while you do! Thanks for the comment!

  5. If I were really inventive, I would figure out how to say thank you in Klingon. I’m limited to English, though, so I’ll say thank you plain and simple. This is very much appreciated, and I’ll do my best to uphold the ABC tradition!

    • No Klingon required, dude. 😉 You’re welcome, and I’m looking forward to seeing your ABC list when you put it together, just as I look forward to your posts on a regular basis. You have a great blog, so keep it up! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the ABC Award! So chuffed you’re getting well-deserved kudos for your posts. Great writing deserves recognition, especially in the vast blogosphere desert where little oases exist, but can be so easily overlooked. Drink deep of DoubleYouTeeEff, people. And to the writer herself, go forth & conquer my friend! 😀

    • *blush* Many thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Am I really an oasis? And will I get sued by Noel Gallagher for saying I am?

      Speaking of posts (awkward segue alert), I was just about to let you know about something post(er) related…check yer email in about 15 minutes! 🙂 xoxo

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