So, I guess the idea of Chris Brown beating the shit out of Rhianna is now officially something we can joke about, right? Well, hell, why not use that incident to sell some burgers…like these nimrods in GA are doing. This is some serious WTF material, folks.


A restaurant in Watkinsville, Georgia recently added a completely tasteless item to their menu: a “black and bleu” burger  inspired by Chris Brown‘s violence against Rihanna. While this is a mistake that most people would never make, this particular restaurant was not only dumb enough to do it in the first place, but to continue to prove that they were unable to learn from their mistake.

The item was a daily special at Chops and Hops that was part of a celebrity-themed specials series.

There was a certain amount of public outrage and media attention, and the Facebook posting garnered 55 shares and 78 “likes” as of the time of this writing. I just want to know: who “likes” domestic violence? While the comment thread certainly includes several people voicing their disgust over the burger special, there are also many who think it’s funny and criticize people…

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