It’s a shame that Florida parents must struggle to be heard over the BS of people like Jeb Bush when it comes to the current state (and the future) of our public schools. Thank goodness we have people like Colleen Wood who are taking the fight directly to Gov. Rick Scott.

Scathing Purple Musings

The republican power brokers in the Florida senate didn’t want to hear from mothers like Colleen Wood during the battle over parent trigger. Wood, founder of 50th No More and current executive director of Save Duval Schools, was able to get three minutes with Governor Rick Scott after he signed the budget at Cunningham Creek Elementary School in St. Johns County. She was able to do so because – you guessed it – her involvement in the school. From the Tallahasee Democrat:

The woman who started a grassroots parent group to support public education actually sowed the seeds for that group in the halls of the school where Gov. Rick Scott signed the 2012-13 budget.

Following the governor’s signing ceremony, Colleen Wood told Scott Florida parents are not happy with the budget or with state policy.

“Now, anytime he says he hasn’t heard from parents, we can say ‘Yes…

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