Dang, Ben Cisco! Two great posts today, and I needed to reblog ’em both. This one is a must-read, folks. And the video is essential viewing. It is the Citizen Kane of all videos exposing the Etch-A-Sketch career of Mitt Romney.

My Ready Room

The Romneytron3000 has developed quite a knack for, um…let’s just say he changes his mind at rather a rapid pace. Do you wonder how he plans to get away with it?  Easy, with an assist from the Ferengi Media™.  Take it away, Howie Kurtz (no, seriously dude, get it away from me!) :

In politics, the flip-flopper label is deemed deadly, the fingering of a candidate with no fixed principles. But I suspect that, with swing voters at least, it helps Romney. If voters believe he was just throwing red meat to voracious primary voters—and that the real Mitt would govern as a sensible man of the center-right—the damage of the last few months could be mitigated.

No mention of what he thinks those WOLVERINES! will do when Mitt “pivots” away from them.  I don’t think it’s going to work out the way he thinks it will.

BONUS: Someone…

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