Jeb Bush set the bar pretty high when it comes to denying public education funding needs in Florida, while simultaneously funneling money to his cronies for their for-profit “educational” pursuits. But Rick Scott is on course to clear that bar, and then some.

Scathing Purple Musings

In a blistering take-down of Rick Scott’s last-call signature on JD Alexander’s Polytechnic takeover, the editors of the Tampa Bay Timeslet the Florida governor have it in an editorial this morning:

Gov. Rick Scott’s commitment to cost-efficient government is as phony as his pledge to produce more math and engineering students. If the governor were sincere in those pursuits, he would have vetoed an expensive new university and endorsed a modest $2 million investment in a proven program to teach algebra to middle school students. Instead, the governor signed into law late Friday the creation of Florida Polytechnic University, just three days after vetoing the money to expand the innovative digital math effort. It adds up to just another calculating politician who says one thing and does another.

The new university will soak generations of taxpayers for untold millions, while the expanded algebra program could have bred generations of…

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