Today’s FYI: Trip recovery/rewind

Trip Recovery:

I’m still getting back to normal after my recent trip to NY. I started looking at some blogs, and I’ve missed a lot of good stuff. Y’all have been busy writing and posting while I was away! I wasn’t able to visit everyone on my blogroll, but I am working through it and my apologies if you haven’t seen me on your blog just yet. I’ll get there…it’s just taking a lot of time. I probably won’t have time to write anything of any great usefulness until next week, since I am booked solid this weekend (on top of doing the “getting back to normal” crapola).

Trip Rewind:

The trip to New York was a surprise. My dad, who works in the restaurant/hotel business, was invited to a party-type thingy that was happening in Chelsea, at the soon-to-be-opened new location of Jim Lahey’s famous Sullivan Street Bakery. The event was a celebration of a recent article in Manhattan magazine, written by Mario Batali and featuring 50 of his favorite food-related places and things in New York. Lahey’s pizza place, Co., was among the spots named by Batali, and so the event showcased the new branch of Lahey’s bakery, along with some of the other folks and items mentioned in the article. The party happened to be on my birthday, so my dad invited me to accompany him on the trip. Because I’m not a freaking idiot, I said yes and immediately started packing my bags. My husband, who is a good man, was willing and able to work from home for a few days to oversee the kid/dogs/house, and free me up to go on the trip.

We also made a detour to Mahopac, where my aunt and uncle live, so that we could spend some time with them. My cousin recently got engaged, so we went to dinner with them and met his fiancé. It was great to see them, since we don’t travel much up there, and they come down here even more rarely.

And, as an added extra bonus, my dad went apeshit and decided to grab a pair of primo tickets to see Wicked, a musical which I’ve wanted to see for years. He took my kid and my niece and nephew to see it when it toured in Florida last year, but I didn’t go along at the time. I’m glad I held out, because seeing it in New York was indescribably awesome.

The weather was gorgeous, we were in a hotel in a great location, and we did a lot of walking around besides all the scheduled activities. I ate way too much, but it was all good (can I just say that the risotto with shrimp, garden peas and saffron at Cellini was to die for?) and I got the distinct pleasure of watching the first playoff game between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks (in which the Heat spanked the Knicks soundly) among New York fans, so I could feed and grow strong off of their tears of disappointment and frustration. I don’t get up to NYC very often – hell, I don’t get anywhere all that often anymore – so this was a real treat and a half.  Ahh, life was good last week, my friends.

I’ll pop in some pictures for those who may be interested, and I’ll try to do some real writing up in here next week if at all possible. I will also (really, for real) get to the rest of your blogs as soon as I can manage it. Promise. 🙂 Happy Friday, y’all!


Our hotel was a block away from both Bryant Park and the main library building, so we had plenty to do and see during our stay. The park is really lovely at the moment, and the library building is just amazing. In terms of the architecture and the history of the place, not to mention its sheer size, that was a full day’s worth of sightseeing in itself. As it happens, there was a big Occupy event in Bryant Park on Tuesday – right after we left the city! I missed all the protests, but that’s life…


The view from the hotel window

Bryant Park on a beautiful spring day

The Reading Room in the park

The fountain in Bryant Park

The carousel

Wish I could’ve gotten some close-ups on the carousel, but they were gonna make me pay to get past the barrier, so…no.

A serious game of table tennis in the park

Some local school kids enjoying the sunshine – and a dude who just doesn’t have that kind of energy.

A random juggler…

…who was shortly joined by a business-suited guy…

…because, why the hell not??

A little green oasis in the big city

Main building of the New York Public Library

One of the stone lions protecting the library

Me, in front of the library, trying to see if my reverse camera thingy on my phone works. It did.

The Lego version of the library’s lions

The lobby of the library building

View of the lobby from upstairs

One of the reading rooms

A plaque inside the library…I love this quote.

Some detail from one of the amazingly beautiful ceilings in the library

Another gorgeous ceiling

Seriously…now THAT’S a freakin’ ceiling, y’all!

The library stairs, as seen from above



This was a bit off the hook, y’all. Lots of people packed into a pretty small space, some really delicious food and drinks, and goodie bags with some tasty treats to take home. Not a bad place to be on your birthday!

Mario Batali’s Foodie 50 article in Manhattan magazine

A sea of partygoers

Honestly, folks, we could barely move in this place.


Some of Jim Lahey’s famous pizza (with mushrooms…yummy)

Pasta, too – this was filled with cheeses and pears. Omnomnom!

There was a “mixologist” on hand. One of the drinks featured cranberry-habanero syrup. And that’s all I’ll say about that.



Some of the other sights we took in on the trip…

The Gershwin Theatre, home of the musical Wicked

The view from our seats to the stage. Ridiculously good, no?

Signs hanging over the doors as you exit the theater

Rockefeller Center (getting some repairs/maintenance)

Springtime flowers at Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Building…man, that bitch is BIG!

Atlas statue at Rockefeller Center

A sight you don’t see in Florida, unfortunately…ice cream and hot dogs are everywhere!

David Letterman/CBS theater

How can you not love a city with a gigantic store, just for M&Ms…right next to a giant store just for Hershey candies? NYC, you’re my kinda town!




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