Today’s FYI: Changing my user name

Hi folks – just a quick note to say that I’ve changed my WordPress user name. It had been the name of my blog, but I felt bad for people who felt they had to address me as WTF, or some variant thereof. So my real name is now my screen name as well, and hopefully this makes life easier and less confusing for everyone. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Today’s FYI: Changing my user name

    • Thanks – I still like it myself, but I figured it’s a real pain in the buttcheeks for people to use it as my name too, so a change was in order! 🙂

    • Nothing stupid about that – more than a few people were unsure of what the hell that was supposed to mean. Just another reason for me to use my own name when I post – saves a lot of confusion, I think.

      • Happens to me all the time! PS – I’m finally trying to catch up with your posts over the past week or so. You had a lot while I was away, but I’m working on it…slowly but surely… 🙂

      • I have to keep busy or I’ll die….or something like that. I wouldn’t be so busy if the fools, morons and idiots of the world would take a vacation, then I’d have nothing to post.

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