“I remember which party wants to take our country back…”

“…and I remember which party wants to take our country forward.”

Do you remember:

*Which party was in power during every major banking crisis since 1900?

*Which party took a record budget surplus, and turned it into a record budget deficit?

*Which party fought against health care coverage for 9/11 first responders, and against equal pay for women?

Well, maybe you do remember, but I’ll bet you know someone who doesn’t. Someone who suffers from GOP-related amnesia. Somebody who needs to see this video right now.

Make sure that they do. It’s our job to remind them, one voter at a time.

Thanks to Ben Cisco at My Ready Room for posting this.


6 thoughts on ““I remember which party wants to take our country back…”

  1. The Republican Party has long been a master of accusing others of what its own leaders are guilty of.

    Remember when Richard Nixon charged every Democrat he ran against of wanting to sell out to China? So guess WHICH President actually went there to greet Chairman Mao like a long-lost friend?

    And remember all the fuss Republicans made when President Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor? But did you notice how Republicans said NOTHING when George W. Bush HELD HANDS with a Saudi prince–and nobody called him our “first gay President”.

    Or remember how Newt Gingrich promised to “restore fiscal integrity” to Washington–while running up a half-million-dollar tab at Tiffany’s, and saying on “Meet the Press that he and his latest wife “are really quite frugal”?

    Republicans operate on the theory that if you SAY you’re SOMETHING–patriotic, fiscally conservative, a human being–long enough, people will BELIEVE it. And it’s proven true for millions of stupid and fanatic Americans.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again this November.

    • it’s like the Jedi mind trick. Honestly, I don’t know if voters always believe these obvious untruths. I think on some level, they know it’s a crock. But they are so rabidly partisan and so anti-Obama that even if they realize that they’re being lied to, they don’t really care.

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