Today’s FYI: “Negotiating Nazi-Republican Style”

Oh, Adolf! You are one wacky, funny guy!
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*UPDATE (5/24): As new posts are added to this series, I will add the links for them below.

*UPDATE (5/25): All seven posts in this series are now available, and links for all seven are below.

I have been keeping up with a series of posts on the Bureaucracybuster’s Blog, which I wanted to mention here. I was thinking of reblogging them, but there are 5 posts to date and I wanted to add a few comments myself, so I am just going to post all the links here and let you click ’em at your leisure.

Steffen White is the man behind Bureaucracybuster’s Blog, and as the title suggests, he often focuses on cases where individuals must go up against an organization that is making his or her life difficult. There are many informative suggestions and strategies offered for handling airlines, phone companies, government agencies, or any other entity that tries to shut you down when you ask for the assistance or service you deserve. But there are also many general discussions of government and politics, and all are in-depth and well-written.

Over the past several days, the posts have focused on the parallels between the negotiating techniques used by Adolf Hitler and those used by the Republican Party. Now, I am not fond of Hitler comparisons, as a general rule. I think it’s almost become a joke that, in our public discourse, invoking der Führer is the go-to move most often used when arguing against someone you don’t agree with. Glenn Beck does it a lot, which on its own is a really good reason not to ever do it yourself, if you wish to be seen as a reasonable human being.

In this instance, however, there is a valid point to be made. As you can see from reading the posts, there is a great deal of historical evidence to support the comparison between Hitler’s unyielding approach to international relations, and the methods used by GOP lawmakers in Congress since the election of President Obama. It goes beyond the simple “Party of No” meme, and it is quite thought-provoking.

I wanted to recommend to anyone who reads my blog regularly that you take some time and visit Bureaucracybuster’s Blog to read these posts. I’ve found them very informative and I hope some of you will, too. I am also sure that you’ll see other topics discussed there that will interest you as well.

Bureaucracybuster’s Blog – “Negotiating Nazi-Republican Style”

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven (End)


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