Today’s FTW: Mental Floss quizzes

Yabba-Dabba-Doo, y’all! It’s Friday, and I am sneaking in an easy post before my holiday weekend begins. Today, I expect that many of y’all are also ready to relax a bit. So, in order to help you along, here are some fun and funny links for you to click.

I subscribe to Mental Floss magazine, which is a really enjoyable read. In case you’re not familiar with it, Mental Floss is sort of like an episode of Jeopardy!, but with way more humor, and without the fabulous cash prizes and Alex Trebek. There are articles and features containing trivia, little-known information and lists which always inform and entertain me.

The Mental Floss website has a section I love: interactive quizzes on some off-beat topics. You can get a bit stuck on this section, since there are loads and loads of these quizzes to distract you from more important business. But, since it’s Friday and we’re all ready to be distracted, here’s a list of some of my favorite quizzes from Mental Floss. Warning – despite the light-hearted nature of these quizzes, they’re not all as easy as you may think, so prepare to be humbled. Good luck!



This or that

Japanese Sports Team or Random Animal?

Organic Food Brand or Cult?

Cabinet Secretary or Piece of Furniture?

Guns N’ Roses Song, or Book At The CVS Checkout?

Obama Campaign Email Subject or Message From My Aunt?

Rapper or McDonald’s Menu Item?

Who said it?

Who Said It: Cartman or Ted Nugent?

Who Said It: Evil Sci-Fi Politician or Presidential Candidate?

Who Said It: Tom Wolfe or Teen Wolf?

Who Said It: Newt Gingrich or Buzz Lightyear?

Who Said It: Letterman or Leno?

Who Said It: Jose Canseco or Gertrude Stein?

General Knowledge

Name That Girl Scout Cookie

Food Fads of the ’60s and ’70s

Name Dr. Seuss’ Best-Selling Books

What the F? (Nope, it has nothing to do with my blog, y’all)

Did They Ever Win A Primary?

Name America’s 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Name All Of Bubba’s Shrimp Dishes

Also Starring (A Classic Sitcoms Quiz)

Voices of Pixar


Enjoy, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend, y’all! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Today’s FTW: Mental Floss quizzes

    • Please do! I didn’t do so well on a few of these, but on some I did a decent job and I managed to get 100% on the Pixar one and the Cartman/Ted Nugent one, so I’m at least happy about those results! 🙂

      • Well apparently I’m proficient in cults (100%), furniture(70%), girl scout cookies (78%) and Obama emails (64%), primaries (60%) WTF(60%). I totally guessed 70 % of the 60/70’s food (60%). I barely got over 50% with Guns and Roses (56% to be exact). I guess I need to watch a little more Japanese baseball(42%) and knowing more about European rappers (44%) :@)

      • You got 100% on the cults? I got something like 30% on that. I thought I’d do a lot better on it. Respect! 🙂

  1. WTF? 60%
    Organic Food Brand or Cult? 82%…The Fertile Hand doesn’t sound like a brand I want to eat.
    Guns & Roses? 100% SWEET.
    Japanese Sports teams? 33% Go Grampus Dophins!
    Obama or My Aunt? 73%
    Cartman or Ted Nugent? 82%
    Food Fads: 56%

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