It’s ONNNN in Wisconsin…first debate between Scott Walker and his opponent, Tom Barrett, has taken place and, as expected, much was made of the union-busting techniques used by Walker, and the political fallout that has been the result. The eyes of the nation are watching this contest and I expect it’s going to get even more heated from here on in.

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MILWAUKEE — Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett squared off in their first debate prior to the June 5th recall election Friday, May 25th.

Whether you think there was a winner in this debate probably depends on which candidate you support. Both Gov. Walker and Barrett came prepared with issues they wanted to address and attacks to make.

While tackling a number of headline issues, Gov. Walker and Barrett talked about conflicting jobs numbers. Barrett points to numbers showing the state is losing jobs, while Gov. Walker uses numbers showing the state is gaining them.

Walker, who defeated Barrett in 2010 by five points to win election as governor, was targeted for recall after successfully passing a law last year that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers.

Barrett said that proposal, which sparked massive protests for weeks and made Wisconsin the center of…

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