If you want to know what the future has in store for America, put away your crystal ball and read this post, from a young woman who has already figured out what many older folks have not. There’s hope for this country yet, people! 🙂



  Today I asked my mom, “What would you do if I were lesbian?” I felt proud to be her daughter when she answered, “Well you’re my daughter and I love you no matter what.” But then, she proceeded to say, “But don’t bring any lesbians home.” I was hurt. This is the country in which we live in. It’s alright for people to be disgusted at the thought of their children having a romantic relationship with someone of the same sex, in fact, it’s almost expected. 

  Growing up I didn’t really pay attention to politics. But now, at my age, it’s something that really should be, and is, important to me. It should be important to all of us. There are a few issues that have been the focus of politics lately. One of those issues being same sex marriage. I, personally, think it shouldn’t even be an…

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