Today’s FYI: Update and Friday Quick-Takes

It’s been a long, hectic week for yours truly. I wish I had been able to get in here and do some blogging, but real life has been my priority – work, several events at my kid’s school as she wraps up her academic year, family gatherings, and so on. I’ve missed out on the opportunity to post about all the news and all the stupid people that have been popping up this week. I’ve also missed out on a lot of things y’all have written and posted. I’m hoping to have some free time soon to make up for all of that. In the meantime, I will do a few fast “thoughts for the week”.

George Zimmerman is headed back to jail

I just did a quick post about this, since it was a major headline that popped up while I was starting this post. Seems Zimmerman has been trying to game the system by pleading impoverishment, while sitting on over $100,000 which he failed to disclose when his bond was originally set. So the judge rightfully decided that bond should be revoked, and now Zimmerman has 48 hours to return to police custody. Just a friendly word of advice: Lying to the court is not a great way to start your legal defense maneuvers.

Rick Scott’s true identity revealed at last!
(Image via the most excellent blog

Voter suppression in Florida

The governor here in Florida, Rick Scott (a.k.a. Skeletor, among those of us who think he’s a douchenozzle), has been working overtime to ensure that the fall elections will go the “right” way. He has overseen the purging of names from the voter rolls, using inaccurate databases to identify “non-citizens” and advise them that they must prove their eligibility or lose their vote. After national attention and multiple stories of errors, the purge finally caught the eye of the Justice Department, which instructed Florida to stop the purging process due to their concerns over its possible violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Of course, Skeletor Governor Scott is still talking his talk, but he can’t walk the walk without the cooperation of the state’s election supervisors. And, as of today, they are not looking to play Scott’s game. This is a rapidly changing story, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the developments in this situation, so stay tuned…

John Edwards is a free man

A skanky, lying, repugnant, morally-bankrupt, odious, egotistical, scumsucking loser of a man, but a free one nonetheless. The jury did exactly what it was supposed to do, and it is somewhat amazing to me that the trial even happened, considering the prosecution’s lack of evidence of any actual criminal activity. My biggest reaction to all this, honestly, is that I feel bad for his kids. This has redefined their entire lives in the worst possible way. It is always heartbreaking when a man chooses his dick over his duties as a father. And let’s not even get me started about his late wife and what this whole episode did to her. Elizabeth no longer faces a lifetime of living with the fallout from this man’s scumbaggery, but their children are not so lucky. I can only hope for the best for them from this point on, and I hope this marks the end of a very bad patch for them and the beginning of better times to come.

Romney’s hecklers hijack Obama event

Yesterday, Obama campaign spokesman David Axelrod was unable to maintain control during an appearance in Boston which was infiltrated and sabotaged by Mitt Romney supporters. The organized throng began shouting and chanting, leaving Axelrod overwhelmed. Several in the political and media worlds criticized the actions of Romney’s supporters, including MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who proclaimed his amazement over the fact that Romney not only admitted to the tactic, but defended it. The whole thing brought me back to the McCain/Palin campaign, as well as the Tea Party’s behavior at town halls all over the country following the 2008 election. It’s one thing to challenge a speaker, to ask questions, to present an opinion. At least you can convince folks that you have some ideas when you do it that way. If all you do is shout over the other guy, then we know you have no ideas whatesoever, and that the only thing you can do is be loud and obnoxious. I hope this isn’t the beginning of a pattern, because if I have to see the next presidential election being reduced to a schoolyard brawl between overgrown children, I will be disgusted beyond belief. We all deserve better than this. Somebody over at Romney’s campaign headquarters better figure that out pretty frickin’ quick.

I have more to say, but not enough time to say it! I may manage another post before the end of the day, but if not, have a delightful weekend, y’all, and I will catch up with my blog and all of yours ASAP.  🙂


13 thoughts on “Today’s FYI: Update and Friday Quick-Takes

  1. Chris, I agree.

    This election is more than enough for all of America’s people. The past two days have seen the worst display of Political Impudence and Dishonest Politics that I have encountered in my 60+ years of watching politics — and I doubt that it will get much better before November.


    • As a political junkie myself, I can’t say you’re wrong, Ted. This is shaping up to be quite nasty. The McCain/Palin campaign was as ugly as I’ve ever seen, but this could well top it, as hard as it is for me to believe that. Romney is in no position to use bully tactics – he’s having a hard enough time as it is convincing people that he’s not an out-of-touch, insensitive jackass, and the stories of his gay-bashing school days haven’t helped. Trying to be hyper-aggressive is not the best way to counteract all the negative views that many people already hold of him. He’s up against a very intelligent, very eloquent man. If he doesn’t quit it with the frat house atmosphere he’s promoting, he’s going to find a lot of people turning away in disgust.

  2. Hey Chris!!

    I was wondering where you have been! You have been truly missed! And I was just about to write you to see if everything was OK! But I see that it is! I truly understand the value of hanging with the fam whenever time permits :@) As far as Zimmie goes, I just need people not to break out the championship tee and hat now that he’s going back into the cell with Bubba, Tank, or whoever his cellmate was. And as far as Edwards goes, it pissed me off that he broke out his championship tee, hat, trophy, and trophy skank in a matter of minutes after that cheap victory. And then wants to kind of set himself up for another run in the public eye! Yeah, I don’t think so slapnuts. He and his skank need to go far, far away as possible. As far as Nit Mitt and his crew of Merry Assholes, they need to understand this: The Office isn’t predicated on being ‘someone’s turn’ like your playing a game of horse on the basketball court. The Office is about the people, not you! I don’t give 2 drops of duck shit of where Obama was born, who his mom laid with to have him, or any of the bullshit smokescreens that Nit Mitt and the Merry Assholes come up with. I care about jobs, healthcare, you know, the basic right that this country should afforded to everyone! Donald Trump’s racist ass needs to shut the fuck up and concentrate on his businesses, which by the way, he casually seems to think that people have forgotten that he sucks as a businessman (His companies have filed for bankruptcy 4 times) because of the smoking mirrors with his show. OK, that’s enough! I think i need to put my feeling about that asshole in a piece. Chris, enjoy your weekend! We miss you! Thanks for being such a wonderful blogfriend. Enjoy the family and we’ll catch you later! In the spirit from my friends in Canada I’m Uoot!!!!! :@)

    • Hey there! It’s nice to know somebody missed me here in the blogosphere! 🙂 Yeah, been waaaay busy but I really hope to have more free time soon. There’s so much going on to discuss! And you are 100% right on with your comments too. I can’t get over how tone deaf Romney is, parading around with his BFF Trump and now these shenanigans in Boston…it is political dumbfuckery of the highest order and it WILL end up biting him in the ass. BTW, Nit Mitt and the Merry Assholes would be an excellent name for a band. 🙂

  3. I think the voter suppression will be the story this year. There are 14 States that have enacted new voting laws. Over half of them ‘battle ground’ States. It could well be like 2000 except Florida times 6 or 7 States.

    • That’s a scenario that scares me a lot. And you’re absolutely right, it is a very realistic possibility. When you consider that Bush won over Gore in Florida in 2000 by fewer than 600 votes, it is very sobering to see how many voters (mostly Democrats or those who are leaning Democratic) are being challenged and chased off the rolls here. Nightmare material for sure.

  4. Well done synopsis of the week. I thought 2008 was bad, I suspect 2012 will be worse. The emotional baggage people are bringing to the table to debate with is disturbing, gloves are off and civil discourse left somewhere on the road squashed beneath the rhetoric of the past four years from the right wingnuts.

    • Thanks for your comment, and I agree with your assessment of the sorry state of things this election season. The conservatives, and in particular the extremists in the Tea Party, have definitely lowered the bar on civil discourse, and on just about everything else in politics and government. It’s disturbing just how far this country is allowing itself to sink.

    • Hehehe…I know, it seems like you might never manage to get back to the blog when you’re busy, but eventually you always do! 🙂 Don’t stress, we’ll all be here waiting for ya when you find the time!

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