Paul Krugman Destroys Tory Donor on Newsnight

Fantastic segment which applies very well to what we’re dealing with here in the US. Paul Krugman is an undeniable force.

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8 thoughts on “Paul Krugman Destroys Tory Donor on Newsnight

    • Thanks for the reblog, and I agree, this sort of straight talk is the best weapon against poisonous lies, and we need to spread it around.

    • He has a good track record in terms of predicting economic events before they happen. Listening to him would be a smart thing, I would think.

  1. Paul Krugman was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” the other night with Arthur Laffer, the author of Reagan Economics which did not work, unless you were in the top 20%. For the most part, I like what Krugman has to say. He is prone to some sensationalism on occasion, but he is usually directionally correct when he does. The best bible on our problems is the book by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandlebaum “That Used to be Us.” If you like Krugman, you will find this book very compelling. Thanks for highlighting his message.

    • I have read excerpts from That Used To Be Us and never did go get the book to read the rest. I should do that since I found the bit that I read to be well-written and very interesting. Thanks for reminding me that I’m behind the 8-ball on that particular reading selection!

      And Krugman does get a bit worked up on occasion, but I give him a pass on that because he is genuinely passionate about getting his messages across. When you are an economist, that sort of personality is a positive thing, since it means you are looking at what you do as a spark that can actually bring about change in the world. Many other economists seem to write as if they are engaging in a strictly academic enterprise, with no feel for the real-world connections to the things they are studying. I’ll take a guy like Krugman any day of the week over guys like those. His work is vital and he knows it, so I say let him ring the alarm bells once in a while. There are definitely some people who need to wake up and I say give them all the help they can get! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate you stopping by and chiming in!

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