First Mitt Romney said that spending had gone up under President Obama – even though spending actually went down. Now he’s saying that government sector employment has grown under Obama, at the expense of private sector jobs. Anyone want to bet on how accurate this claim is? Anyone…? Bueller…? Here are some inconvenient truths (well, inconvenient for Mitt Romney, anyway) via Under the Mountain Bunker.

Under the Mountain Bunker


Jed Lewison points out the alarmingly stupid lie that Mitt Romney told his audience in Craig, Colorado last week:

That stimulus he put in place, it didn’t help private sector jobs, it helped preserve government jobs, and the one place we should have cut back was on government jobs. We have a 145,000 more government workers under this president. Let’s send them home and put you back to work!

Mitt Romney’s 145,000 claim isn’t accurate, but even if it were, it’s amazing that Romney believes firing tens of thousands of Americans would be good for the economy. The way Romney puts it, firing public sector workers would create jobs in the private sector, but that’s nonsense. The economy isn’t zero-sum game: You don’t need to fire someone to create a job. In fact, every time someone loses their job, no matter…

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    • I think it all happens in the debates. When both men are on the same stage, and Romney says something ridiculous, calling him out there and then will be a lot more effective than anything that could be said right now. The difference between them in the way they present their perspectives will be awfully telling.

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