Today’s STFU: Mike Huckabee admits that without Fox, people might like Obama more


Today’s winner of the “Captain Clueless” award is Mike Huckabee, who gave us this news flash during his radio show on Monday:

“I think a lot of people, if all they do is listen to conservative talk radio and maybe watch Fox News, they assume that all of America is getting what I would call at least a balanced approach to understanding that there are a lot of real problems going on that Obama could do better on. But if people only watch the three big networks and BS-NBC, as I like to call them — MSNBC — if they watch BS-NBC and the three networks, then I think sometimes we may be kidding ourselves because a lot of people will assume that Obama really is just doing a great job and he just can’t get those crazy Republicans to help him out.”

So, to review, Huckabee says that those who limit themselves to conservative news outlets only are getting more of a “balanced approach” to news reporting, whereas people who follow a wider variety of news sources are the ones getting the narrow and biased view of current events. And he also implies that when the news reflects the president’s problems with “those crazy Republicans” who just won’t help him out, he thinks that’s all been a fabrication, and that the media is somehow creating an issue where there is none. And, that without Fox, Americans might actually get the idea that “Obama really is just doing a great job”!

Do I even need to waste my time pointing out the idiocy of this statement? No, I don’t, because this Huckabee thing was discussed on The Raw Story, and they explain it all for you.

Memo to Mike Huckabee: thanks for admitting that the main mission at Fox News is to serve as a propaganda tool in the right-wing fight to take President Obama out of office. Even though you did it unintentionally, your honesty is refreshing. Besides, we weren’t stupid enough to believe all that crap about how Fox is more “balanced” than other news sources. When it’s recently been reported that Fox News caters to the most uninformed viewers in the nation, and that the Fox team pulled a stunt like running a 4-minute video that looks just like an ad for the GOP, the rest of us already knew the score a long time ago.



5 thoughts on “Today’s STFU: Mike Huckabee admits that without Fox, people might like Obama more

  1. Well, Chris, Mike Huckabee is a minister. You should expect him to tell the truth once in a while. While a rare thing to have happen, some of the other GOP politicians accidentally get something right once in a while, also. You know — it’s the “law of averages” thing.

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