Not that I’m into promoting the birther concept in any way, but here’s an interesting take on how the same thing could be legitimately used against Mitt Romney.

Chief Writing Wolf

Mitt Romney probably won’t admit it, but his father – the late George Romney, a successful business executive and two-term Michigan governor – was a Mexican.  Not an ethnic Mexican – as someone of at least partial Mexican Indian extraction, such as myself – but a Mexican by birth.  George Romney was born in Galeana, Chihuahua, México in 1907.  His father, Gaskell Romney, and grandfather, Miles Park Romney, had moved to the region with their families 22 years earlier, after leaving their homes in Utah.  But, the mere thought of calling his own father a Mexican apparently makes Mitt Romney squirm.  This past January, when he appeared at Miami Dade College for an interview with Univision, the large Spanish-language network, host Jorge Ramos asked whether the “severely conservative” former Massachusetts governor felt he was Mexican-American.  It certainly put Romney in a tough spot.  If he…

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    • Nope, you can bet on that. Democrats really are at a disadvantage with stuff like this, because we realize how batshit crazy the birther stuff sounds and we won’t bring ourselves down to engage with them on their level. Problem is, people are listening to their crazy and we can’t do much to combat it. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, which is one downside of being more reasonable than those on the extreme right.

  1. I will use this the next time a friend of mine starts blabbing his birther nonsense. Of course, he isn’t a Romney fan either. He’s a Ron Paul man.

    • Oh boy, a RonBot. I love their unbridled enthusiasm, truly I do, but unfortunately all that loyalty and energy is misplaced and they do not have the capacity to listen to anyone who has a differing view on the man. Sorta like a cult, but without the compound in Waco.

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