Hey, a plan for Florida’s schools which includes collaboration and cooperation among legislators, educators and parents? Why, that actually makes some sense! Which is why Rick “Skeletor” Scott won’t be interested in it, nor will his puppetmaster, Jeb Bush. But it sure sounds like a good idea to me. A good post on the continuing saga of public education in Florida, courtesy of Scathing Purple Musings.

Scathing Purple Musings

In the aftermath of the Alachua school board adopting a resolution against high-stakes tests, the editors of the Gainesville Sunsay its time for Rick Scott to lead the state away from its current hyper testing mandates.

What should be Tallahassee’s response? Ignore the school districts and continue to require ever-tougher and ever more frequent testing? Give in and back away from using tests to determine not only student achievement but school funding?

Here’s a suggestion for Gov. Rick Scott: Why not use the growing disenchantment with the FCAT to initiate a new era of state-district collaboration.

The problem all along has been that the state’s mandatory testing regime is a top-down process; a mandate imposed by the Legislature and passed on by the DOE with little or no input from the district level.

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