I am SO glad happened to find this blog – I could have written pretty much every word of it, because I have had the same experiences, reactions and thoughts as this author, Cheryl Lemus, and I agree with these ideas 100%. We ARE all Big Bird. And we are ALL against the idea that Big Bird should lose his funding. Don’t make the bird angry, Mitt!

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  1. I still can’t believe Mitt Romney made a reference to “Sesame Street” during a political debate about the economy. I’ve heard a lot of stupid things come from the mouths of political figures, but that’s one of the worst. Leave “Sesame Street” the hell alone! Unlike most politicians, that show actually serves a purpose.

    • It’s hard to understand what Romney was thinking when he blurted that line out. It’s the one talking point that has really stuck since the night of the debate, and I’m sure he regrets saying it now. Just a bad, bad move on his part.

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