Today’s OMFG: The Million Muppet March

Alright folks – I was supposed to be in bed already, but I just can’t get sleepy tonight. However, for once I’m glad to have insomnia, because I managed to find out about something awesome happening next month, right before the election.

Mitt Romney, in his debate performance the other night, made it clear that PBS funding was on the chopping block should he be elected in November. His reference to Big Bird getting a pink slip angered many Americans, who understand the value of non-commercial television that educates, entertains and offers alternative sources for news and information. But Americans have rushed to the defense of Big Bird and his PBS friends, and that outpouring of outrage against Romney’s attack has led to the Million Muppet March.

The Million Muppet March is intended to raise awareness and support for the nation’s public television stations, and for the programming they offer. Scheduled for November 3, it is to take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  The organizers of the march have set up a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to get information out as it becomes available.


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At the moment, details are scarce. It’s not clear what the march will involve, other than gathering folks together to show their support. But that’s really all it needs to be. America tends to take public television for granted. In this world where the internet is the main conduit for many people’s news, entertainment and communication needs, the significance of shows like Sesame Street might be overlooked.

Mitt Romney actually did this country a favor by waking us all up to the possibility of losing PBS. The public response to Romney’s declaration of war against public television was a deafening “Oh, HELL no!” People who probably hadn’t watched or cared about Sesame Street in years, or possibly even decades, were disgusted and alarmed by Romney’s words. And thanks to the spotlight being directed at Big Bird this week, many Americans are paying attention to PBS again.

It would be fantastic if those who understand what public television is really worth would do something about it. Donating to the PBS Foundation or to a local PBS station would be great, and so would writing letters or emails to legislators so that they know where you stand regarding funding for public television. You may want to stop by Romney’s campaign website and leave a comment, too.

I won’t be in D.C. when this march takes place, but I encourage everyone who is in or near the D.C. area to consider attending. The Muppets, Sesame Street and PBS have always been there for us, and we should be there for them.


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9 thoughts on “Today’s OMFG: The Million Muppet March

  1. We have a ‘best of’ PBS channel in the UK via satellite/cable. Speaking as an outsider, my opinion is that PBS consistently shows the USA at its best. The channel performs miracles with minimal funding and consistently produces thought-provoking, informative, educational, entertaining, intelligent television. Do your best to protect it from the corporate morons.

    • Actually, PBS serves a similar function in the other direction for those of us here in the States – without PBS, many Yanks would miss their fix of British programs like Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and Antiques Roadshow, among others. Your assessment of the great work PBS does with its US programs is quite correct, and we can only hope the “corporate morons” will be headed off at the pass before they can cut off the funding that makes those shows possible.

  2. Wonderful post as usual!!! I agree that Willard shook up some people thinking of the loss of PBS. It’s funny that people could care less about the Syrian crisis, but if you mess with Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird, people start polishing up their guns and are ready to bust a cap in that Romney ass.

    • Ha! You made a very good observation there, my friend. Our priorities are a bit askew sometimes. But I’m not sure that NOBODY here cares about Syria. They just have no “warm and fuzzy” childhood memories regarding Syria, and stuff that hits us where we live will always grab our attention in a bigger way than something that seems more abstract. Ideally it would be a big help if Americans did pay closer attention to world news, though, so your point is well-taken.

  3. Wonderfully done as usual! I think the people of this nation forget how many small things the government does to support and improve our lives. We would be a sad people without some of the many things such as the National Endowment for the Arts, PBS and other like endowments each year. That the GOP wants to slash and burn these which represent such a small part of our budget in favor of more weapons of destruction, more war and more tax breaks for the wealthy should show us just where their hearts lie.

    It isn’t in their chest, look lower.

    • Thanks – and you’re so right about the way this GOP “war on PBS” has shown the nation their true colors. Budgets are priorities, as we have all heard before, and no doubt the priorities for Republicans are very different from the Democrats’ priorities when it comes to spending on war vs. spending on bettering the lives of Americans.

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