Today’s FYI: Mitt Romney comes to Florida

It seems that Mitt Romney has decided to spend his weekend here in my home state of Florida. I guess I must’ve forgotten to go pick up a ticket for his “victory rally” this afternoon…but anyway, I’m sure Romney will make the most of his time here in the Sunshine State. At least, he’d better hope he does. Right now, the state is still pretty much split down the middle between Romney and President Obama. If Romney wants to make a dent in those numbers, he will have to bring his A-game this weekend.

Let’s see, I guess he can talk to our senior voters about his new-found love of the 47% to which they belong, although he may not be too keen on reminding them about that darn fundraising video again. Maybe he’d be better off just sticking to a discussion of his swell program for Medicare vouchers…um, on second thought, maybe not.

Alright, forget the seniors for a second. We have a huge Latino voter bloc down here, so if he’s smart, he’ll try to engage them. I bet they’d LOVE to hear all about  how he plans to deal with immigration, since this is a very important topic for them. How about revisiting the details of his “self-deportation” concept? Well, that might not go over so well, on second thought. So perhaps he could discuss the way he’s always supported the DREAM Act, which would help young immigrants earn their US citizenship if they commit to an education or military service. Oh, wait….

But there’s always women! After all, Obama is leading Romney with women voters in Florida by double-digit margins. That’s a great place to win some converts, right? All he needs to do is come up with a speech that targets the issues women care about the most, like reproductive rights, or equal pay, or public education. Aw, nuts, that won’t work either, will it? Jeez, this is harder than I thought!

Well, OK. Forget about trying to pander to particular demographic groups. Just try to garner support from local political allies. Like Rep. Allen West, who will be speaking at today’s event before Romney takes the stage. Having him on board has GOTTA be a bonus, right?

Oh. Well then. *sigh* Hey, I tried for you there, Mitt, I really, really did. But at this point, I got nothin’. Sorry, old chap, but I think you might be screwed. Hey, at least make sure you grab a slice of Key Lime pie before you go, OK? Just to make sure the trip wasn’t a total loss. And I’m sure you’ll have better luck in some of the other swing states, like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin! Oh, wait….DARN IT!


10 thoughts on “Today’s FYI: Mitt Romney comes to Florida

  1. Hey Ms. Chris. Don’t say too loud that he’s in Florida. I got it on good authority that Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Grover, and the Cookie Monster are looking for him. They’re mad, a little high and are packing heat. And I’m not talking about Lebron and Dewayne!!! I’m just saying! LOL!!!

  2. I experienced a verbal confrontation with my new barber about Ryanmney last week.

    Should I change barbers? [She has a razor… and seems to be a bit bigoted.]

  3. Texas has a large Hispanic population, too; we always have. Of course, Hispanics have been here since before there was an official U.S.A. We tend to lean towards the Democratic wing in national elections, but somehow, Republicans have taken over the Texas state legislature. Texas also hasn’t voted Democrat in a presidential election since 1976. So, I don’t know how so many people could be closeted Nazis and no one has realized it yet. Alas, just like Texans put an incompetent Republican, G.W. Bush, into the governor’s mansion twice and then into the White House twice, I’m sure they’ll vote overwhelmingly for Romney – the draft-dodging vulture capitalist with the trophy wife and the yacht registered in the Cayman Islands.

    • The Hispanic vote is a trickier thing in Florida than in many other places – in recent years, there are more registered Democrats here than registered Republicans among these voters, which bucks the national trend. The state went blue for Obama in ’08, the only one in the South to do so, and they attributed that to the turnout of Democratic Hispanic voters. We’ll see what happens this time but I personally am not anticipating that the Hispanic vote will be behind Romney here.

      • For one thing, I resent that some Hispanics, Hispanic-rights groups, politicians and media pundits think immigration is the only issue we’re concerned about. It’s like saying abortion is the only issue that women are worried about. Hispanics have been impacted by the souring economy just like everybody else; in most cases, worst than others. We also have opinions on tax cuts, education, climate and foreign policy. Yes, some amongst us focus almost exclusively on immigration. But damnit, that’s simply not our only concern! I feel it’s an insult that the media pundits bring it up every time they talk about Hispanic-Americans. Then, Mitt Romney points out that one of his sons speaks Spanish. So? I have an English degree and have been out of work for the better part of the past 2 years. I speak and read some Spanish, but none of that is helping my financial situation.

      • Well, when you have a political discussion that is conducted in sound bites, then you will inevitably find that very complex situations get reduced to a sliver of what they’re truly about. Our media has made it tough to address things in the sort of way they deserve to be addressed, and your point about the concerns of Hispanic voters being under-reported is totally valid. Speaking of sound bites, I just remembered that thing Romney said about how he wished he’d been born Mexican, so he would have a better shot of winning against Obama. The cluelessness of it all just makes you shake your head, doesn’t it?

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