Today’s FYI: Update on the Million Muppet March

Well, I have had a LOT of hits on my previous post about the Million Muppet March. But since that was posted, I have come to find out that there will be a “counter-protest” of sorts held alongside it on the National Mall on November 3rd. I guess some people thought that the Million Muppet March would appeal more to the Occupy Wall Street, 99%  type of crowd (or the 47% crowd, depending on which number floats your boat these days). But we need to remember that some folks in the 1% also value public television, and want the government to keep the funding in place. And we sure don’t want those folks to feel left out, now do we? So, in recognition of the more upper-crust supporters of PBS funding, there will also be… a Millionaire Muppet March! This way they can still come out and show their support for public television, without having to be associated with all that icky “Occupy” nonsense. (It’s supposed to be funny, y’all. Don’t get your silken undies in a bunch, rich folks!) There’s a Facebook page getting started for this and you can find it here.

Also, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to show YOUR support for PBS, the folks who are putting these events together have started an online petition. All you need to do is enter your zip code, sign and click, and the elected representatives for your area will receive your email automatically. I just did it myself, and now Rep. Allen West (yes, unfortunately, he IS my current representative, Lord help me) knows where I stand on PBS funding. Go ahead…DO IT. You know you want to..and watch this space. I will try to let y’all know as new info becomes available. Thanks for your interest, too. I’m glad so many of you have wanted to find out about these events. Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!



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