Today’s WTF: Romney disses kids (again)

We already know about Mitt Romney’s Big Bird problems. But who knew he had it in for Dora the Explorer and iCarly, too?

Kid’s TV network Nickelodeon has, for the past several years, produced a special news show about the presidential election. During the past 6 presidential elections, they round up questions and concerns from their youthful viewers and ask the candidates to reply to them. They then air those answers, along with some kid-centric discussion, on Nickelodeon. When the show is over, they invite viewers to vote online for their choice. The show is produced and hosted by veteran newswoman (and one of my personal journalism heroines) Linda Ellerbee.

Ellerbee believes that the “Kids Pick the President” special is a real attempt to see what issues kids have on their minds, and to gauge what they know about current events and politics. It is also a great way to get kids started in the democratic process. It has been taken seriously by most candidates over the years, and prior to this year, only one candidate has ever declined to participate.

Until now.

Mitt Romney, citing a lack of time and a busy schedule, told Ellerbee and Nickelodeon late last week that they could forget about Romney being involved. According to an article in the Washington Post, Ellerbee commented:

“We began communicating with the [Romney] campaign on April 30 and they were very encouraging, and now, six months later, it’s: ‘Sorry, we couldn’t find time, the governor is just too busy’ — and has been too busy for the past six months.”

In contrast, the president DID opt to take part. And he didn’t just email some answers to Nickelodeon, either:

Obama didn’t just agree to participate; he invited the crew members to the White House, where they taped his responses to the kids’ questions Sept. 19….The White House also said Monday in a statement: “It’s a long-standing tradition for presidential candidates to appear on Nickelodeon’s ‘Kids Pick the President’ program, and it’s a good opportunity for President Obama to speak directly to American families about his plan to keep the country moving forward, get folks back to work and strengthen the middle class.”

I think this information speaks for itself. Mitt Romney apparently had better things to do than spend the 30 minutes or so that Ellerbee said it would take to reply to their questions. So screw you, PBS, and tough crap, Nickelodeon – Mitt ain’t got time for this baby stuff. Because corporations are people, my friend, but if you aren’t old enough to vote or pay taxes yet, then why should Mitt Romney care about YOU?


6 thoughts on “Today’s WTF: Romney disses kids (again)

  1. Right now, there’s no profit for Mitt to make from any of the children. He cares naught about the future (as was very evident about his push for coal and screw Obama’s push for renewable energy). Therefore, he will not spend one iota of time if it doesn’t have “profit” thrown in there. Plus the kids don’t vote. So this show serves him no purpose.

    Whereas Obama has moral, ethics, integrity and honestly cares about the future of our country, not just the here and now. And sometimes, actually rather frequently, children have some very wise things to say – their minds haven’t been completely polluted yet so they think differently than adults.

    • You said a mouthful – in fact, when you read that whole article, it includes the list of topics that kids are most concerned about. It give you a good look at how future voters are thinking. What was number 1? Gay marriage, believe it or not. Jobs was number 8 out of 8 on the list – guess when you don’t have to buy your own Lucky Charms that unemployment stuff is kinda irrelevant. 😉

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