From The Last Of The Millenniums, here is the Romney black hole of tax policy indecision all laid out in a linear, chronological fashion. Try to follow the bouncing Mitt, y’all!

The Last Of The Millenniums

Everybody has the right and actually should be open minded enough to change their mind – from time to time.

But for someone running to be President of the United States, to ‘change’ their mind on almost a weekly basis on something so importantly fundemental as out Nations tax policy……Is just wrong.

Is there an actual ‘plan’? Or is it just a ‘sound bite’?

From Travis Waldron over at Think Progress :

9/6/11: Romney’s First Tax Cut For The Rich

‘Promising not to cut taxes for the rich, Romney proposes a plan that would extend the Bush tax cuts, eliminate capital gains taxes for those making under $200,000, cut corporate taxes, and eliminate the estate tax. In all, it adds up to a $6.6-trillion cut that would have little benefit for the middle class, which doesn’t enjoy the same benefits from a capital gains cut as the rich’.

2/22/12: Romney…

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  1. LOL… funny. I was just thinking something very similar myself. That there’s nothing wrong with changing one’s mind when it is due to learning and having more wisdom about that subject. Perfect example, Obama now supporting gay marriage when he didn’t in the past. He was spoken to many people from all backgrounds, etc. and has come to realize they should not be treated any less equally because of who they love.

    Romney, on the other hand, runs his opinions like an auction. Whoever is the highest bidder at that moment is what his opinion will be for that day. “Going once! Going twice! Sold to the Koch Bros for $4.9 trillion!!”

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