ABOUT THIS BLOG: This blog is a work in progress – hopefully it’ll be bigger, better and full of shiny things to grab your attention at some point. We’re just gettin’ started around here, y’all.

ABOUT ME: My name is Chris – feel free to use that instead of DoubleyooTeeEff (or WTF), but I’m fine with whatever floats your boat. I’m not a professional writer, and I have nothing to sell or promote. I’m a spouse, a parent, and someone with a functioning brain and a big mouth who cares about the world around me. I’m hoping to spur some thought and some conversation about topics that interest me, and that’s about it. Heads up: from time to time, there will be profanity, slang, and made up words. Deal with it. Glad you’re here. 🙂


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Chris,

    I want to thank you so much for your extremely generous comments about my blog, especially my series on “Negotiating Nazi-Republican Style.”

    I’m anxious to expand my audience beyond WordPress, and will be grateful for any advice you’re willing to offer me on this.

    I will gladly tweet out the many articles I’ve found in your own blog that I believe are outstanding for their intelligent perspective on current politics and culture.

    Once again, thanks so much for your truly generous help to me.

    –Steffen White

    • You’re welcome, Steffen, and thank you as well! It’s my pleasure to share worthwhile information with whoever may be stopping by to read my blog, and I definitely think your posts are worth reading.

      I am not too sure what assistance I could offer regarding your efforts to expand your readership. I don’t do this professionally myself, and I’m not too well-versed on promoting a blog. I haven’t even used my own Twitter account to send out new posts lately! It’s something I need to look into as well, so if I do come across information that might help you in some way, I’ll be sure to pass it along. Again, thanks for the great blog and for your comment.

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