Handy Glossary

I called this blog DoubleyooTeeEff because WTF really does apply to many things I might write about. That’s why many of the posts I put up will come uder the heading of, “Today’s WTF”. But sometimes I may find a different heading more appropriate. So in the interest of keeping things straight, here’s a handy guide to the types of posts you may see around here.

WTF – Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

OMFG – If something is pretty awesome, it might get an OMFG from me.

STFU – Also self-explanatory; to be reserved for people who I think would be doing themselves a favor by not speaking in public quite as much. Or, really, at all.

FYI – If I have information to convey about the blog, myself, or another topic/event, I’ll mark it FYI.

OmNomNom: Something food-related. Sometimes I may share a recipe or a discussion of food in general. I’m Italian, so this will happen more than once.

FTW: I might round up some cool links/pics/blogs that I discover online, and share them in a bunch every so often. When I do, I’ll post it as an FTW.

For now, that’s all I have, but I reserve the right to add to this list in the future. Hopefully this won’t be confusing to anyone who drops by, but let me know if you have questions or if you just think this is a dippy idea. Because I’m the first to admit, it may well be. 🙂


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