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Jon Stewart featured this clip of a speech by FDR on the Daily Show after picking apart the inconsistencies of Romney’s many claims. Romney says a lot of things without saying much at all. He will cut taxes 20 percent, reduce the debt and eliminate the deficit without really specifying where…

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Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Mitt‘s lies are full of S—T. That is a characterization of the content of his speeches, not of his person. To dramatize how Obama supporters view Mitt’s words, I propose that each of us mail a sample of Ex-Lax or equal to Mitt at this address:…

Today’s WTF: Romney disses kids (again)

We already know about Mitt Romney’s Big Bird problems. But who knew he had it in for Dora the Explorer and iCarly, too? Kid’s TV network Nickelodeon has, for the past several years, produced a special news show about the presidential election. During the past 6 presidential elections, they round up questions and concerns from … Continue reading

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ALEC, or American Legislative Exchange Council, is a collaboration between politicians and corporations who work together to push forward legislation that benefits business (and fills campaign coffers). ALEC calls itself a “nonpartisan public-private partnership.” You may have heard that ALEC was influential directly involved in the passage of Stand Your Ground laws in states all…

Today’s FYI: Mitt Romney comes to Florida

It seems that Mitt Romney has decided to spend his weekend here in my home state of Florida. I guess I must’ve forgotten to go pick up a ticket for his “victory rally” this afternoon…but anyway, I’m sure Romney will make the most of his time here in the Sunshine State. At least, he’d better … Continue reading